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Who We Are

Hugh McPherson, The Maze Master
Hugh built the Maize Quest system and his home farm, The Maize Quest Fun Park from the ground up. His experience helps build entertainment value through attraction selection and marketing know-how.

Maize Quest's operational and marketing systems were developed from Hugh's hands-on experience and his compilation of information from across our network of operators. Hugh designs systems that save clients time and money.

Hugh's the 'Big Idea' guy who lives for solving problems through innovation in maze-based entertainment. started as just such a solution. It solved a capacity and management problem at the Maize Quest Fun Park that many growing attractions face today: how to book and manage hundreds, even thousands of school groups, scout troops, church groups, birthday parties and corporate picnics effectively.

Michelle Posey, Maize Quest's Group Tour Director
Michelle's booked over 700 tours single-handedly using our tour booking system. She's seen, and heard, it all from group leaders and she knows what they want. Michelle's experience served as guide for the development of the software program.

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