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The Story started in a much more basic format in 1999 when Hugh McPherson, owner and Maze Master of Maize Quest, and Michelle Posey, Maize Quest's Group Tour Director got swamped.

Maize Quest booked over 600 school tours, scout groups, youth groups, and corporate parties that year using pencil and paper. Michelle and Hugh nearly went crazy trying to make it through the season.

It became clear that something had to be done. After a long time in development, (remember the Internet in the late 90's?!) they had a system that served them well, but was difficult to modify. Over time, they learned from other operators who were having the same challenges what was important in a solid, group tour booking system. is that system. Designed to be easy to use for small to mid-sized attractions, but fully scalable to handle thousands of groups, is ready to help you streamline your group tour operations. Try it FREE for 7 days and see how it will save you time, phone calls, and rescheduling frustration. Schedule your FREE Demo with
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